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Criminology Personal Statement Examples

Can Criminology Personal Statement Examples Help You?

correct-and-proper-criminology-personal-statement-examplesThe importance of your personal statement for criminology masters applications cannot be understated. Your grades alone will never be enough to win you a place as they will want to know far more about you than just a few numbers. Your personal statement or statement of purpose will often be the one part of your application that can swing the decision firmly in your favor and win your place.

Crafting an attention grabbing personal statement however is not going to be a task that you will be able to complete on a wet afternoon when you have nothing better to do. It needs to be truly attention grabbing as well as reflecting everything that the committee wants to know about you. Samples of criminology personal statement will often be able to provide you with the help that you need.

How Can You Use Law and Criminology Personal Statement Examples?

Examples of criminology personal statements are a perfect way to help understand just how your statement needs to be completed. They can show you the sorts of information that needs to be included, the questions that you should answer and the style of writing that you need to employ. They can also guide you on how your own statement can be made to get the reader’s attention and give inspiration as to how you can get the right theme for your writing.

What you cannot do with any sample however is to simply copy it or even just make a few modifications to it to use it. This would be considered to be plagiarism and will guarantee that you will not win a place. Even if the copying is not spotted the essay would not be about you and also not tailored to your application so would not be of any help. Samples should only ever be used for guidance and ideas.

Tips for Writing Your Own Personal Statement for Criminology

Looking at even the best statements can be a help but will often still not be enough on their own to help you submit that perfect statement. The following tips will help you with crafting a statement that is going to give you an edge:

  • The opening line of your statement has to be capable of getting their attention and making them want to read more. Use a personal anecdote for the best effect as well as providing a theme for your statement
  • Tell a story; this is not your resume and the reader does not want to be bored by a list of facts about you. To get their attention you need a compelling story that flows well
  • Cover the areas that the committee wants to know about you:
    • Why are you interested in pursuing your education in this field of criminology?
    • What have you already done in this area?
    • What are your career ambitions and why is this criminology degree important to them?
    • What skills do you have to suit you for this area?
    • Why are you applying to this specific criminology program and not another?
  • Do not just state that you are skilled at something; give examples to show those skills
  • Use language that anyone can easily understand; do not include acronyms or slang
  • Avoid any use of clichés within your writing
  • Write only about yourself; do not even use quotations
  • Do not repeat anything that is elsewhere in your application
  • Make no statements that would be considered obvious
  • Be concise in your writing and do not use filler
  • Be honest; do not tell lies or exaggerate anything
  • Avoid mentioning anything negative
  • Proofread your personal statement very carefully

We Can Help Write Your Criminology Personal Statement

Even with all of the tips and examples your personal statement writing is going to be a lengthy and difficult task. This is why many applicants will turn to us for professional help with their application. Our services are provided by holders of post graduate degrees in criminology that have a huge amount of experience working on applications. They know precisely how your statement needs to be put together and exactly what needs to be covered. All work is tested for plagiarism and proofread to a high standard so that you can be sure that it is unique and free of errors.

So if you want help to make sure that your application essay is as good as any criminology personal statement examples just contact our specialized services!

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