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Inspiring Criminology Personal Statement Examples

Can Criminology Personal Statement Examples Help You?

criminology personal statement examples onlineThe importance of your personal statement for criminology applications cannot be understated. The committee will not only want to know a lot more about you than they can learn from your grades, but will also want a method to choose between you when those grades are similar. Your personal statement is your way to make your criminology masters application stand out and to increase your chances of being selected.

Many applicants however struggle with writing their statement and will often spend weeks doing so and still not be happy with the results. One way to better understand what makes a personal statement effective is to simply look at what others have already produced and submitted for their application.

How to Use a Criminal Justice Personal Statement Sample

criminal justice personal statement sample 2016Criminology personal statement samples are the perfect way to quickly see just how your own should be written if you want to get the attention of the committee. They can show you the style of writing that you should employ within your own statement as well as letting you see the sorts of things that should be covered within your writing. Samples are one of the quickest ways that you have to visualize what you need to achieve with your own statement.

But, never be tempted to simply copy what you are looking at, no matter how good you think it is. Plagiarism is never going to help you get selected. Your own writing must always be unique and about you, copying and adapting what you read is not going to impress the committee.

Tips for Writing Your Criminology Personal Statement

criminal justice personal statement sample 2017Just looking at samples in isolation is rarely going to provide you with all of the help that you need with your writing. The following easy to following tips for writing your criminology application essay will provide you with the additional guidance that you need:

  • Take great care with your opening line; this is your hook and must be able to grab the reader’s attention immediately so that they want to read on. Use a personal anecdote that is related to your application.
  • Make sure that your writing flows; you want it to read more like a story about you so as to maintain their interest rather than just a list of facts like your resume.
  • Cover all of the areas that they want to know about you:
  • Why are you interested in studying criminology?
  • What have you already done in this area?
  • What skills make you suited for these studies?
  • Where do you see your career in 5 or 10 years time?
  • Why are you applying to this specific program of study?
  • Always use language that is easy for anyone to understand; never use fancy words, slang or acronyms in your writing.
  • Be concise in your writing at all times; your word count is very limited so make every word count rather than including filler.
  • Write about yourself in your own words at all times; do not plagiarize or use quotations and avoid all forms of clichés.
  • Make what you write relevant; do not repeat information from elsewhere in your application, don’t make statements that are obvious, or include anything that is not going to help your application.
  • Be positive with what you write; they don’t want to know about something that you don’t want to study, nor should you write about why a tutor was unable to provide a good education.
  • Always take time to carefully edit and proofread your writing so that there are no errors in your writing.
criminology personal statement examples and tips

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We Can Help Write Your Personal Statement

Our criminology personal statement writing services are supplied through only post graduate degree qualified experts that are highly experienced in your field of application. They work with you very closely to ensure that your personal statement will be written very clearly about you and tailored to the expectations of the program you are applying to. All work is proofread and tested for plagiarism so that you can submit error free work that is totally unique.

So if you want to meet the standards of the best criminology personal statement examples with your application just contact our specialized and reliable services here today for support that you can trust and afford!

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